Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New beginnings

The month January seems to indicate, for many, a clean slate or a fresh start. My goal this month is to get organized...I know, I know..you've probably heard this all before, but this year I'm determined to do it. I've even wrote down a checklist for each room in my home by breaking down what needs to be done into smaller tasks so it won't be so daunting for me to tackle. My hope is that I'll become more motivated with each small accomplishment.
For the past week I've been hard at work getting my clutter down to a minimum. So far I've tacked my hall closet and my bedroom closet. Just hoping that I'll remember where everything is, once I finish my organizing wizardry. The ultimate goal is having a place for everything, be able to access it easily, and to De-Clutter! I don't know why, but de-cluttering my home has to be the hardest thing for me. I tend to put sentimental value on things.
Below are some photos to get me inspired.

Love the organization of this closet! If I had this much space, I'd have that many shoes too!

This lovely pink sewing area is adorable, organized and very functional

Absolutely adore that vintage card catalog. Makes me wish I had the space for one in my kitchen. Would be perfect for my recipe cards and kitchen gadgets. Also loving the pink window and the chandelier.

This craft area is super cute and very neat. Love the shots of pink.

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