Thursday, December 31, 2009

Trash finds

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The other day I picked up my last trash find for 2009. It is a lovely framed painting of a castle. It is entitled Chateau Integem and in the other corner it says Belgique '69. There is also a signature, but I can barely make it out. It was just propped up against a bunch of trash bags, so of course I snatched it up immediately. This past year has been a wonderful year for trash finds. I managed to pick up a cute bird cage with fake bird inside, a Thai wall print, a stool, a bear phone, a weeping willow wall sculpture and my moppet prints. Some of my favorite items in my home are things that I've found in the trash. Here's to a new year of wonderful trash finds! Happy New Year everyone!

My favorite trash find...Moppets by Eden!

Love this weeping willow branch!

Picked up this cute little birdy in the cage just last month.

Thai wall print I found during my dog walks with Aspen.

This bear phone is cute and kitschy. Found it packed in styrofoam..and in working order.

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