Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa Baby

I've always been intrigued by photos of kids with Santa. Some kids are terrified, or on the brink of tears, while others are smooth talkers, trying to butter up the bearded one in order to get the toys that they want for Christmas. Over the years, I've collected old photos of me and my siblings with Santa, but I've also collected photos that I've come across at flea markets and some at a local book store that sells vintage photos. It always makes me wonder whatever became of these children, and why were their photos discarded or given away? I used to have a wall of all the Santa photos that I kept all year round. Now that I no longer have the wall space, I mainly just bring them out for the holidays. Here is a sampling of my favorites:

Photo of my mother. Mom looks pretty defiant in not wanting to sit in his lap. Look how he's grabbing her arm!

I purchased this at a local book store that sells vintage photos. This girl must be around my age. I wonder why her photo ended up at the store?

I got this photo at a flea market years ago. This has to be my absolute favorite of all the photos! The background is interesting with the shelving filled with toys. I like the shadowy atmosphere, which is unusual for a photo such as this. Santa looks a little menacing too! On the back of the photo is information about the boys. It was taken in 1955. Scott was 3 years old and Jr. was 11 when this photo was taken. It also has the birthdays of the boys as well. Jr's birthday is August 19, 1944 and Scott's birthday is December 9th, 1952. Too bad there are no last names on this photo.

This is me, my brother and sister visiting Santa at Gimbel's Department store. Not sure of the date of this photo...perhaps 1970? Awww, Santa's eyes are closed!

I think that this photo dates from 1971. Notice that My sister and I are sporting the Jane Fonda hairstyle from the movie 'Klute'. The vests we are wearing were handmade by our neighbors from the 70s who were 3 sisters living together....think golden girls. Their names were Lily, Ruth and Loretta. During the summer, while we were all outside playing, Lily would call us over and do some quick measurements...and at Christmas, we would receive a handmade gift from them. They were the sweetest ladies.

This was my first visit to Santa's lap. The photographer managed to capture me just before I burst into tears.

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