Sunday, December 20, 2009


This weekend we got hit by the "mother" of all snowstorms for the month of December. The Philadelphia Metro area officially received about 23" of snow! My mom said that she hasn't seen a snowstorm like this in December since 1966. We usually don't get this much snow so early in the winter season (even though its not officially winter until tomorrow). It was nice to be stuck inside, watching holiday movies and making cookies. My Samoyed dog Aspen loved the snow, although he fell a few times because it was so deep and difficult for him to walk in. He especially loves rolling in it and sticking his nose in it. He even eats the snow! They are predicting more snow for Christmas eve too. My mom is a little worried, but I think it will be long as we don't get another 23"! Here are some pictures I took with my camera phone to document the storm.

This was taken around 3 pm on Saturday.

This was taken around 12 noon on Sunday

This is a little aluminum table that I got from my grandfather. It has quite a bit of snow on it.

This is the same table the next day, totally buried under snow.

Will post more photos as I make my way outside...right now I can barely open the door!


joe said...

Did I mention I'm in Florida right now??? Although it's really cold here for this time of year. It's 65.... and no snow...... ;^)

SUZY8-TRACK said...

Ugh! It snowed here again this morning..although its only a light covering over everything. I'm so jealous that you are in Florida!