Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Make a statement...without saying a word

I love decorating with letters. You can use an initial or spell out a word. Its a great way for your home to make a statement...literally! Ever since seeing old episodes of the Mary Tyler Moore show, and seeing the large "M" mounted on her wall, I have always wanted to do the same thing in my own home, to put my personal stamp on it. There are so many wonderful ways to make a statement with letters that the possibilities are infinite. Below are a few of my favorites, including my own "S" to be just like Mary.

My big "S" above my door...please ignore the ugly popcorn ceiling!

Love the retro lettering on the liquor sign. You can tell that there are tons of fun parties in this space.

Love how all these letters look on the wall.

My sister has the word "EAT" in her kitchen, which looks super cute...if you want to get more fancy you could spell out "cuisine", "pesto" or even "braise"...whatever you do or make in the kitchen.

OMG...this is just adorable! I love it!

This is such a fun look! Bunkbeds have never looked more inviting....I wonder if you could use the letters as a ladder to climb up to the top bunk?

Love how the letters mimic the metal bathtub. Adds a lovely rustic country feel to the room.

Love the use of big bold letters used here. Really makes a graphic statement!

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