Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November spawned a monster...

SEPTA, the company that runs Philadelphia's buses, trains and trolleys stated the other day that the union workers would not strike during the World Series games in the city....but within 2 1/2 hours of the end of the 5th World Series game, they went on strike. Now the city is being held hostage, with no public transportation available. I felt bad for those folks who were left stranded last night, unaware that the strike even began. It would have been nice if they would have at least waited until midnight tonight, so that people could prepare themselves if a strike were to happen rather than be taken unaware. I'm sure many of the folks who stayed in town and celebrated the Phillies win were screwed when they realized that their bus was not coming to pick them up.

It astounds me that SEPTA negotiators rejected an 11% wage increase in the next 5 years, no increase in co-pays, and an 11% pension increase! Especially during a time when many folks have lost their pensions, or their jobs for that matter. Who do they think they are?? Hell, I didn't even get a raise this year! Its no wonder that ridership is down on all the trains and buses. There is no concern for their riders or the affect it will have on people's lives. SEPTA union negotiators countered that they have been operating with no contract since March, but seriously, why complain? It's not like they weren't getting paid, unlike many city workers who experienced pay cuts and even stoppages. These SEPTA negotiators seem out of touch with what is happening with the rest of the city. Mayor Nutter was on TV this morning fuming over this latest rejection. He felt that it was a fair offer, considering that unemployment is up to 11% in the city. The Mayor felt that the rejection was a slap in the face to the city, and I must say I have to agree. Sorry, I just needed to vent about this issue because if I don't I may explode!

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