Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Friday


Have you seen the Target ads geared for Black Friday? The woman in them is hilarious! It's overzealous shoppers like her that make me avoid hitting the stores on Black Friday. The actress, Maria Bamford, who portrays the crazed shopper, has that special kind of Christmas-crazy down pat. She sort of reminds me of Amy Sedaris a little. She pokes fun at the serious shopper, who probably goes in with a game plan and a map of the store with marked areas where the deals are located. Most of my friends find this woman highly annoying and some are even afraid, but I think she is freakin' hilarious! Here's to winning Christmas!

Check out this batch of ads....very funny stuff!

I love how she works out in stilettos!

Here she shows how manic she is...

This one has to be my favorite...

Who does this??...

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