Friday, October 23, 2009

R.I.P. Soupy

Today I received sad, sad news....Soupy Sales has passed away. My parent's loved the Soupy Sales Show from the 50s and 60s, so when a revival of his show came out in the mid 70s, my parents encouraged us kids to watch it. I loved the wackiness of the show and Soupy was hilarious. He must have received more pies in the face than any other comedian that I can think of. Back in 2003, I was surfing the net, and I came across a fan site for Soupy. They listed an address where I could write to him and in return I would receive an autographed photo. I decided to write a nice letter telling him how my me and my family have enjoyed his programming throughout the years, and within a few weeks I received an autographed picture of Soupy, just as the website stated. Some of my friends were skeptical, but I truly believe that Soupy himself signed the photo, especially since the handwriting was so shaky. A friend of mine told me that for many years he would attend the Doo Dah parade in Ocean City, NJ which was a parade to celebrate humor. They have the happy go lucky Basset Hound Waddle with over 400 of the gentle, droopy eared canines dogs dressed up in their finest,strutting their stuff. Soupy would lead the pie-in-the-face fest in front of the Music Pier. Sadly, he was not in attendance this year. Below are some funny videos of Soupy's show. Enjoy! RIP Soupy!

Soupy with Pookie:

This is the show that I grew up with in the 70s, features the opening and closing credits:

Come Pie with me...Soupy and his famous pie in the face triubute

Soupy interview where he discusses the famous stripper incident.

Hilarious scene where Soupy opens the door only to find an exotic dancer stripping for him. This was the crew playing a practical joke on him. The first part of the video shows what actually aired on TV, and the second part shows you what Soupy saw behind the door (this was not aired on TV due to obvious reasons):

I'm still looking for a video where Soupy encouraged kids to take money from their parents wallets and mail it to him...that was a classic!

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