Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Mad Batter strikes again!

While vacationing in Cape May, NJ this past weekend, Ed took me and my parents to The Mad Batter for breakfast. It is a lovely little restaurant that has great breakfasts. There is seating available outside in the covered patio, but it was a bit too hot out for that, so we opted to eat inside. We walked inside and to the right we saw an old bar, which they tout as being one of the oldest in Cape May. Beyond that was a lovely light filled room with tables. On our right we were greeted by a beautiful mural with a black and white cat.

The setting was lovely, there were windows with colorful panes of glass bringing in lots of color to the room. There was also lovely greenery out towards the back of the room, where wild ivy was climbing the walls. It was nice and serene...until this party of 8 came in. Apparently there was a mis-communication to the hostess about the size of their party. One guy in the party was giving her a hard time, even as she was trying to offer a solution to the problem. His yelling was making all the diners most uncomfortable and he was causing quite a scene. The hostess, who remained calm the entire time, got him the extra table and chairs...and then a few minutes later some more people showed up and he wanted seating for 10 now. Before we finished our meal, they had grown to a party of 12! Not sure why this guy just didn't reserve a table for 12 to begin with. Even with the constant change of the number of their party, he still manages to give the lovely hostess a hard time! What a jerk! Even his wife was telling him to shut up! Anway, with all that aside, we still had a lovely meal. The staff is wonderful there, and my hat goes off to the fabulous hostess who handled a sticky situation with calm and grace.

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