Thursday, August 20, 2009

Favorite Stuff

Etsy has to be one of my favorite sites. You can purchase handmade jewelry, artwork, stationery, hand knit items and much much more. You can even purchase vintage items as well, such a big eyed prints (one of my favorite things) vintage planters, shot glasses and even 8-track tapes. It makes me feel great to support people who make their own crafts, plus you can be sure that your item is unique and one of a kind b/c it is not mass produced.

I recently came across this picture of the sad big eyed boy and his dog on the site. It brought back a lot of memories for me because I had this in my bedroom as a child along with a companion picture of a little girl with a sad looking kitten. I was tempted to purchase it just to relive old memories, but resisted. Just happy to see it again after so many years.

My first Etsy purchase was this fabulous and fun cocktail ring in a gorgeous confetti coral. It looks really great against my summer tan.

I would also like to get this fabulous sparkle ring, but I'm still mulling it over at the moment. It is rather groovy, isn't it? Reminds me of a disco nightclub...but one you wear on your finger.

While searching for earrings on the site, I came across these incredible Charlie Brown Halloween earrings! Such a clever idea! Love em'! I would wear these all year round, not just on Halloween.

One thing I cannot resist are fawns, my home currently has a small collection of them, from vintage planters, to flocked and ceramic versions. Etsy has many vintage Bambi-esque fawns to choose from. Looking at the huge selection on the site, makes me want them all!

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