Monday, August 3, 2009

Fade to Black

I recently dyed my hair jet black, not a natural black, but a blue black...the blackest of the black. At first it was jarring seeing my new hair in the mirror, but after a few weeks, I'm used to it by now. My mom was shocked and dismayed when she saw my hair...all the more reason to like it..hee hee!

My boyfriend has been making jokes, calling me Elvira and Morticia and the like...which I find odd because he was the one who helped me pick out the color in the first place! Anyway, the color is growing on me, and let's face's only hair...not that big of a deal.

Eventually, I would like to go back to a nice dark brown, which is my natural color. This color is pretty intense for me and perhaps a few shades too dark, but for the time being I'll live with it.

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