Monday, August 24, 2009

A gem of a movie

I've been thinking of one of my all-time favorite movies "Quackser Fortune has a cousin in the Bronx". I absolutely adore this quirky little sleeper of a film from 1970, which stars Gene Wilder and Margot Kidder. It's an odd title, but it is a lovely bittersweet film about a working class family that has been unsuccessful in convincing their son named Quackser Fortune) to get a real job. He prefers his job of scooping up horse dung and selling it to the locals for their gardens, much to his family's dismay. They are concerned because the horses are going to be banned from Dublin and he'll soon be out of a job. Throughout the film they try to tell him about the horses, and his father wants him to work in the local factory, but he continually ignores their warnings, wanting to do his own thing. Gene Wilder does a wonderfully believable job convincing you that he really is Quackser, an eccentric,uneducated humble,fertilizer merchant and Margot Kidder is absolutely stunning in this film as the rich,sophisicated American visitor Zazel Pierce. She becomes fascinated by him when they first connect,their different lifestyles become irrelevant but they later grow tired of each other. Quackser then retreats to his old job of gathering horse manure to sell as fertilizer.When his cousin in the Bronx dies he leaves a small fortune for him that changes his livelihood forever. This is quite an interesting, offbeat comedy/drama with Gene Wilder at his Irish best!!
It is a wonderful little film, and to be honest, when I first heard of it 14 years ago, I was surprised that I was not familiar with it (being the movie buff that I am). I did manage to get a VHS version of the film several years ago. The quality is not the greatest but I still enjoy watching this film every now and again. Below are some of my favorite scenes from the film. Enjoy!

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