Sunday, July 19, 2009


I hate to complain, but I have to take off yet another day of work for the electrician so that they may spend their time in the basement replacing some equipment down there. The electrician informed me that it will take him approximately 5 hours to complete the job...which makes me most unhappy, because I'll have to spend the day sitting around, with no air conditioning, fans, computer or tv. I'll be stuck inside with the sweltering heat, trying to occupy myself with some reading....because its too damn hot to do anything else. My boyfriend tries to see the silver lining by saying that "at least you get a day off work". I'll try to put a smile on my face tomorrow...and think about how crazy the office usually is on Mondays...and be glad that I'm stuck at home. I know that Aspen will be smiling because I'm home with him all day.

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