Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh do I love thee?....let me count the ways!

Ikea, I love you, I really, really do! Enticing me with your wares at every corner. Making me buy things that I don't need, but you make me want...oh how I want! Tempting me with your special deals which can only be taken advantage of on the weekends, and forcing me to fight the throngs of people in order to obtain them...because you know I have to have them!

I've tried to break it off with you permanently, but I find that I'm weak and cannot resist you as I wait with anticipation for your new catalog in the mail. Why is it that once I feel like I've finished decorating my apartment, you come out with a new product that makes my home feel inferior, unless I own it. You make me spend all my money and when I leave you, I feel lifeless and worn out. Damn you Ikea! Why do you make me need you?!

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