Friday, July 17, 2009

For the love of Drew

I recently watched the movie 'Music & Lyrics' on TBS last week and I must admit, I fell in love with Drew's wardrobe in the film. She wore some lovely kimono style dresses, gorgeous Indian scarves, and all of her accessories were fabuous. There is one scene where she borrows someone's red dress, and she looks incredible in it. Here are some pictures of some of my favorite outfits from the film. These outfits have definitely inspired my wardrobe.

This outfit was just too cute. She wore tights with shorts, a striped shirt and super cute vest. I adore the pin on the vest too. Just adorable.

I absolutely adore this outfit. The dress had kimono sleeves... but unfortunately I could not find a picture to fully showcase the dress. It looks fabulous paired with her brown suede boots, colorful indian scarf and green army style jacket.

This red dress was absolutely gorgeous (It's too bad this was the only picture I could find, b/c this picture does not fully showcase its fabulousness.

Love this purple and pink scarf paired with her white top and black vest. Very stylish looking.

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