Friday, July 10, 2009

A few of my favorite things!

I love Zooey Deschanel's fashion sense. She has created a style all her own, but with a vintage flair. Makes me wish I could raid her closet! Her fashion sense is definitely an inspiration for the girl can sing and act! I'm so jealous of her talent! Is there anything she can't do??

I love vintage milk glass. Everytime I'm in a thrift store or yard sale, I always zero in on any pieces I see. This lovely photo represents what I want my collection to eventually look like, my collection is somewhat smaller than this, but its slowly growing. I really love those milk glass hands on the top shelf with the palms facing up. It's very unusual, and I've never been able to come accross a piece like this one. The main reason I like milk glass is because there is something serene in things that are all white, being grouped together.

Philly AIDS of the grooviest thrift shops in the city. My only gripe with them is that they stopped carrying 8 track tapes. A couple years ago, a friend informed me that Philly AIDS Thrift had an entire wall dedicated to 8 track tapes. When I finally made it over there to check it out, not one 8-track tape could be found! I asked one of the workers there if they had any 8-track tapes and he informed me that they had quite a few but they weren't selling, so they ended up throwing them out...TRAGEDY! Other than that, this is truly a fun place, but you need to be patient, and look through stuff, but there are lots of gems to be found here. They seem to have furniture available for sale, but only on the weekends. Definitely worth a look.

The chocolate peanut butter cupcakes at Naked Chocolate Cafe are simply divine! What could be a better combination than peanut butter and chocolate? Their cupcakes are so moist and delicious, and lets face it, one cupcake is never enough. This wonderful place also has free chocolate samples at the register. The staff is incredibly nice, and they don't give you the stink-eye if you are only buying one cupcake or a few pieces of chocolate. Yum!

Recently featured on Design Sponge, this orange sofa owned by Linda Ketelhut is total fabulousness, as is the rest of her home! If I could marry a sofa...this would be the one! Such a wonderful find, and I love that it's vintage!

The 2XL Robot has to be one of the cutest 8-track players around. I managed to get this sweet baby on Ebay a few years back. It plays any 8-track cartridge and his eyes light up in time with the music. He also came with a few educational tapes as well. Here are some vintage commercials circa 1978:

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