Monday, September 24, 2012

Kitchen Reveal...and more!

Over the last few weeks I had been working on painting our laminate kitchen cabinets...with a small mini vacation in between.  Here are the final results!

Ok...Starship Enterprise its NOT, but it is a lot of white!  Hey at least the cabinets now match the appliances!   Although the hideousness of the countertops is just glaring at me...taunting me!  Damn you ugly're next!!!!

 Another view of the cabinets with a view of our brand new fridge!  Sorry, its a little dark in here!

 Ugh!  The countertops look so dingy now.  Now that the cabinets are white, I'm noticing all the other flaws of this kitchen and its making me nuts!  Ed wants us to go with a white marbelized or granite type finish on them....I vote for going a dark gray granite finish.  Perhaps we could compromise on a light gray finish? 
 Ed put up some additional artwork in the kitchen....and yes its more cat if we don't have enough already! 

 Ok...this is just a closeup of all our plates...not sure why I have this here....guess I went a little crazy snapping pics of the kitchen.  Yes we are crazy cat people if you haven't noticed all the cat crap already! 

 Last year we had replaced the closet doors in the front entrance hallway.  The original doors were huge and would have cost quite a bit to replace, since they weren't a standard size.   We opted to add some drywall and install standard size doors that we picked up at our local Lowes.  Sadly we lost the use of the top shelf of the closet, but at least we have doors that open and close easily...the old doors were on tracks and constantly getting stuck!  It was worth losing a little shelf space to avoid the aggravation!  Since we had the doors replaced, Ed and I had been debating on what color to paint the doors.  We finally agreed on the lovely Martha Stewart-ish green color for the doors.  Actually it was Ed who found this color and said that this was the color we should use.  At first I was a little hesitant, but it has really grown on me.  Its pretty bright, but I love seeing that color when I open the front door.   

The hallway still needs some work.  That shelf needs to have all the junk cleaned off it and the front door needs to be painted too.  I'm thinking of painting it the same shade of green too.  Also need to repaint that umbrella stand...perhaps white?  So much work to do, but its really starting to come along!

Monday, September 17, 2012


Last weekend Ed and I headed down to Cape May, NJ to catch the last remnants of summer.  We walked the beach, played at a nearby water park and just relaxed.  It was wonderful to just escape from from work, and it was ideal because most of the summer crowd was gone for the season.  I didn't take many photos, we mainly enjoyed relaxing.  Below are just a few snaps that I did manage to take.

Spotted this triangular house on our way from Wildwood, NJ to Cape May.  Had to take a photo of this perfect triangle!

Had a leisurely breakfast across the street from the ocean....wish I could do that every day!  

 Wacky alien children's ride at the Cape May arcade

At theCape May arcade...they have some cool games here, plus some old school games like Pacman, Galaga and skee ball....but the vintage games cost .50....too bad they don't have the old school prices!

This arcade looks the same as it did when I was a kid...only the games have changed.

Spotted this at the house next door.  Loved the look of these blowing in the next home will have these!  

By the way, I finally finished painting the kitchen cabinets this past weekend, and plan on finally installing the cabinet doors tonight!  Hope to have some photos of the new and improved Starship Enterprise kitchen! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor...on Labor Day!

Cabinets "before"

Most folks on Labor Day go to the pool, grill some hot dogs and hamburgers, or head to the beach.  Sadly, this Labor Day was a total washout.  It rained the last two "official" days of summer, so we were stuck inside and bored to death.  Since Ed and I are bracing ourselves for a move to Florida, we figured that now would be a good time to spruce up the ole' homestead to either rent it out or sell it.  We got a great deal on a new fridge with ice maker, thank you Lowes for your fabulous Labor Day Sale!  Our old fridge with ice maker was leaking and giving us rusty ice gross!  It was totally time for a new fridge.  I'm also in the process of painting our *gasp* laminate cabinets.  So far the process has been much easier than I anticipated.  I'm hoping to finish them this week and I'll post photos of the finished product.  Finally, our cabinets will match our appliances!

Ed wants our kitchen to look like the spaceship Enterprise...yes that's right!  Next he'll be wanting me to call him Captain!  What he really means is that he wants a crisp clean "glossy white" kitchen that looks more modern.  The only thing left to do in the kitchen is to take care of the counter tops.  Rustoleum sells a countertop refinishing product that I may have to try.  It costs around $250, but is far cheaper than replacing it.  It comes in a variety of colors.  Right now Ed and I are debating which one we should get.  We will have white cabinets and appliances with turquoise walls.  I was thinking that we should go dark to add some contrast to all the white.  I'm sort of leaning to the "charcoal color" which is second from the right.  What do you think?

Ok...don't HATE ME because I don't have an "After" photo yet.  I promise, as soon as I finish up the job, I'll post some photos.