Monday, July 25, 2011

Countdown to Tampa

I know, your're probably thinking...Florida in the summer?  Are you nuts???  But Ed's uncle lives in a retirement community of trailer homes and his spacious trailer is available all summer, we thought, why not take advantage of it?!!  Actually Florida sounds nice, while we were in Philly baking at 101 degrees this past weekend, Tampa was a balmy 91 degrees.... perhaps Florida isn't as bad in the summer as I thought.  I've been to Florida many times, to Miami, Tampa and Orlando, but it was always during the fall/winter months....this will be the first time I'm heading down there in the middle of summer.  I'm really looking forward to exploring a new city, and perhaps even catch a Rays game while I'm down there...I hear the Yankees are in town that whole weekend, so that should be fun to check out.  I'm debating whether or not to wear my Phillies hat when I'm down there though...don't want to cause any trouble though...they may still be a little sore after we beat them to win the World Series in 2008.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Horrible Bosses

No, I'm not talking about the movie that is currently playing...I'm referring to my real life!  I'm beginning to really hate my job at the moment.  My boss micro-manages everything to death, and constantly bombards me with emails re: different projects or tasks that I'm working on.  She expects everyone to send her detailed emails of what they are working on each week.   Apparently, she does not trust anyone to do their jobs, she has to hover over us and monitor each little thing we do!  I honestly cannot figure out where she finds the time to do all of this...because its not just me, its the whole office that she's making crazy!

Recently, one of my co-workers was giving a presentation, and during his speech, she stopped him to correct him for something so minor and petty!  I felt so bad for him.  I would dread to have to give a presentation with her in the room....waiting to jump in to give her two cents!  Since work has been so stressful, I haven't been posting much this summer.  I just wish she would back off and just let us do our work.  The worst part about it is she'll send an email asking about something, and you have to go back and look at your old emails to see what the hell she's referring to...because she gives little or no details in her follow up emails.  Sorry I'm just venting on this post, but I'm really frustrated and it is making it hard for me to concentrate on my work...especially since I'm spending more and more time going through emails to respond to the constant barrage.  Its only been 4 months, perhaps things will cool down at some point.  

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Most disgusting thing I've seen....

Watching this made my gag reflex react a few times...really gross!