Friday, June 29, 2012

Shelter Cats Part 2

I'm happy to report that many of the cats that I had pictured have found new homes!  YAY!  My favorite was Georgie, who was the white and grey little digger trying to get out of his cage.  I was talking to the shelter manager and she was telling me that she was very pleased that he found such a loving home.  So I'm really happy for him!  Last night I met some more amazing kitties.  Some of them are a little grumpy, but would warm up to me after a few minutes.  I'm sure that the shelter is a scary place for them, so they are always on the defensive.  I truly hope that all of these lovely cats can find their happy home.

 A  very beautiful Brown Maine Coon cat who was very friendly.

 That black cat was a bit grumpy when I first came into the room, but after a few minutes he was walking across my lap as I was petting him.

 This little girl was very playful.

 I call this one Chubbs!  This cat basically just laid there the entire time!

 This cat was rather mellow and seemed to enjoy the attention.

 This poor little thing had a congenital defect where his back legs didn't work properly, but this kitty seemed to get around pretty well in spite of it.
 An unusually calm moment for this girl.  This was taken after she got out of the room and one of the other cats started chasing her around the shelter.  I think she was finally happy to be safe from that other cat.  This was probably one of the youngest cats at the shelter, I believe she was less than a year old.  She was definitely a high energy kitty.

 This was Cali who really loves attention.  She basically cried out any time she saw someone near her cage.

 This poor baby had a condition that affected her balance.  She was a little shaky, but other than that she was fine.  This cat had the most beautiful amber eyes! (too bad I couldn't capture them on my iphone!)

Here is another photo of my black cat friend.  He was trying to make nice with me, after swatting at me when I first came in.  Too bad he kept moving around too much, I really wanted to capture his lovely green eyes!  Damn cats just won't cooperate while I'm trying to photograph them!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shelter Cats

This month I've been doing some volunteer work at the local animal shelter.  The last time I was there, I snapped some photos of some of the sweet faces I met. Thankfully, this is a no kill shelter, but they do rely heavily on volunteers and donors and foster homes for the pets.  Makes me feel good to support a great local organization.  I just wish I could take all of them home...even the grumpy ones!

 This kitty was keeping an eye on the kittens pictured below!  Seemed like she was acting as protector of these little guys.

 Poor little kitties were brought into the shelter earlier that day.  They are only 3 weeks old and I'm concerned for their survival.  Sadly, the mother was nowhere to be found.

 This guy preferred to be away from the others.  I was a little worried for him, but he was larger than the other kittens.  The shelter had given them some food mixed in with milk replacer and the kittens were eating it up, so that was good news.  I snapped these photos shortly after they ate.

This little guy did not like the cage!  He was trying to dig his way out, but once I took him out of his cage, he calmed down immediately and sat on my shoulder and started purring. I put him down on the desk and he immediately rolled over and let me pet his belly.  He is such a sweetie who is just looking for a loving home.  He just needs some love and attention.

 This was a pretty mellow tuxedo cat who was just stretching out in his cage.

 This guy reminded me of the Moob...another Maine Coon, but this guy was much larger.  He had an amazingly big ruff and looked more like a wild cat.
 This was a sweet one-eyed kitty at the shelter...I liked to call him Winky.  He was one of two one-eyed babies at the shelter.

 This little girl was a sweetie...she loved to pose for photos!

This little girl stared at me forlornly almost the entire time I was there.  She was a sweet girl with lovely amber eyes.  Seeing these sad faces makes me a little teary, but I'm volunteering there to help them find happy homes.

If anyone is local to the Philadelphia area and is interested in any of theses sweeties, I recommend visiting the shelter at Philly Paws located at 100 N. 2nd Street (at Arch Street) in Olde City.  I'll be there again tomorrow night and hope to post more photos of these babies. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Unkefer Park

I walk through this park every day on my way home from the train station.  It is a small park with a walking trail where many folks walk their dogs.  On one end of the park there is an odd collection of large rocks and stones...lets face it, the name of the park is odd too.  I'm not exactly sure how to say this, but there is something strange going on in this park.  In the center there are several large rocks surrounded by flat rounded stones (sort of like stepping stones).  It sort of reminds me of a crudely made sundial.  Every day there is something new and strange going on there. One day I spotted this ornately painted rock placed on one of the stones, another time there was a pile of rocks placed on another one of the stones and another time, someone had placed one small rock on top of each of the large rocks.  Things are constantly moving around in that section of the park.  I'm not sure why this is happening or who is doing this, but it is odd and I'm always looking to see what will be done next.

 Odd formation, perhaps a crude sundial?

 Radnor Township's own version of Stonehenge?  If you look to the left on one of the flat stones you will see a small collection of rocks on it.  These move from day to day.....quite odd!

A view from afar of the rocks and stones.  

Biker Hell

This past weekend was couldn't have asked for nicer weather.  On Saturday morning, Ed wanted us to bike to our favorite breakfast place, which was approximately 4 miles away.  Now normally I wouldn't balk about riding the bike for that distance, we do it all the time when we are down in Cape May, NJ for vacation, but the trail is very flat down there.  This journey was uphill for a bit of it, and by the end of our trip, I thought I was gonna die!  My legs were so fatigued and felt like they were on fire from the ride that I could barely walk afterwards.  We biked approximately 8 miles that morning, and my legs were incredibly weary afterwards.  The worst part was I had to shower and then head over to my sisters house for a birthday party for my nephew, when all  I really wanted to do was take a nap.  By the time I arrived home from the party, I was ready for bed!  Ed wants to do it again next week...I will pray for rain!  I know, I know, I'm taking the defeatist attitude, but that was seriously hard for me and I dread having to do it again.  I wish I had Ed's energy and will do to it...but I don't.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Newly Painted Kitchen

Last week I decided to paint the kitchen.  Here are the results....

We recently got  a new microwave, and Ed installed it by himself and he was pretty excited to be able to use the hole cutting bit on his drill.  I'm so proud of him!
 Bacon and Eggs painting done by Ed's cousin Charles....I love it!

 Kitty copper mold keeping watch over the kitchen

Mooby's feeding station

Mooby checking things out.  The plant is a catnip plant.

 Vintage kitchen items...trivet, scale and my grandmother's old timer

 Cute kitty basket...trying to figure out what should go into it.

 My mom gave this to me years ago...its one of my favorites

Ed picked this up when we were in Cape May, NJ.  It was a leftover from a yard sale that was just sitting in a box on the curb.

 Some artwork for the kitchen.  Cats painting I picked up at a local thrift store, the cakes were a gift from my parents.

 Yes, we have lots of plates.  The big white item is an ice maker.  Apparently the one in the fridge broke, so Ed ran out and got this thing. 

Making some tea this morning.  The mug inspired the color and theme of the kitchen.

Its Always Buggy in Philadelphia

This was not welcome news to me, but Philadelphia is now the Bed Bug Capital of America!  Yikes!  This makes me glad that I live in the burbs!  Well, there is one consolation, you never have to sleep alone...haha! 

Yes, I had to use the most disgusting photo I could find on the web!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Makin' some changes

It's already been a busy week and its only Tuesday!  Last week I painted the kitchen, cause I was sick and tired of just staring at plain white walls.  Tomorrow I should post some photos of my finished work.  The next painting project will take place in the living room.  I also bought a nice duvet cover to help transform our bedroom...which is still a major work in progress, but it is getting better.  We are also in the process of cleaning out our office, which at the moment is filled with stuff, but we have made some great progress recently...but there is still a lot to do.  Sadly, I have not taken any photos of any of this because things have been pretty hectic.  The only thing Ed and I have made time for is the pool...which we are taking advantage of as much as possible this summer.

In the meantime, we are selling off a bunch of kitschy stuff on Craigslist.
 Pottery Barn magnetic chalkboard in vibrant red...ok its not kitschy, but it is pretty cool.

 Sorry for the blurry photo, but this is a very large sofa painting from the 70s in glorious red velvet!  This monstrosity is 4.5' x 2.5'

Found this beauty in the trash a few years ago.  It has some damage to it where there is a scrape.  Also, there is a small puncture that someone tried to fix.  I tried to find information on the artists 'Florence' but only found other folks who had similar paintings by the same artist, who were searching, like me.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


While in Florida, Ed wanted to check out the local Goodwill Store.  The store that we went to was massive!  I snapped a few pics of the place along with some interesting things I came across.

A dress that only Tina Turner could love...

Wow! Haven't seen one of these since I was in high school!  But usually they were bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd...Bob Seger wasn't as popular in my neck of the woods.

Giant Poodle made from a bowling pin.  Is this a case of crafting gone bad?  or is it so bad its good?

Lots of lamps...

This was a surprise to find...The winner was a Songahm Taekwondo World Champion!....and it ended up at the local Goodwill!

 Some funky metallic blue Steve Madden Platform sandals

 Whoa!  Haven't seen shoes like these since the 80s!

Yikes...found another strikingly similar pair!

This is the Big Gulp's of Thermos'.  Seriously, this thing was massive!

Collectors of antiquated have hit the motherload!